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echo is driven forward by an international, interdisciplinary team of young and experienced academics.

This core team enjoys the backing of a wide network of supporters whose voluntary engagement and cooperation give echo additional momentum: experts from various areas with long work experience, politicians, organisations, initiatives and other synergy-seeking internet projects.

echo was started in September 2008. In October 2009, a German non-profit association echo source e.V. was founded. In April 2011, echo Systems UG was founded as a 100% subsidiary of the association to take over responsibility for technical realisation, editorial work and international marketing and sales. The company will be operated as a social business. Its "Your-Profit" business philosophy is inspired by the ethical principles and values of Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus.

From 2010 till early 2011, echo was funded by the EXIST program through the EU, the ESF and BMWi. Additionally, echo also receives financial support of some private donors.

The work of echo currently focuses on further development of the software prototype, on creating marketable product derivatives as well as on finding and negotiating with new partners, sponsors and (preferably sustainable) investors.

Core Team

  • Laci László Papp Concept, IT, Product Development László was granted his diploma in computer science in 2001 at the Technical University of Budapest. He then moved to Berlin and spent 5 years as bioinformatician in cancer research. Between 2006 and 2008, he coordinated as IT project manager the building of a Web 2.0 startup in education. László has developed concepts for the globalization of knowledge, the building of opinion and of constructive mass dialog since 2005. That is how he initiated echo with Jan Linhart in autumn 2008.
  • Jan Jan Linhart Concept, Key Account – Politics, Science, NGOs Jan has studied ethnology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, operated field research in Latin America and dealt with the relationship between communication, knowledge and power structures. He acquired wide experience with indigenous groups and regional environmental organizations during several extended stays abroad. To give these groups greater voice and self-determination and to make their special knowledge for common solutions available, he developed a concept for an open discussion and action platform, which he merged with Laszlo’s concepts for echo in autumn 2008.
  • Ingmar4_smiling Ingmar Redel Networking, Campaigning, Strategy Ingmar implemented creative business ideas immediately after school. In 2000, he initiated an international peace project for the UN and met with many countries and their ambassadors with a positive response (unfortunately, 9/11 interrupted the project). In the last 10 years, he has worked for several NGOs trying to find solutions to our social and ecological challenges. He maintains a widely diversified network of civil society organizations and initiatives. Ingmar has completed the concept of echo in early 2009 with his focus on decentralization and the creation of cross-platform synergies, and he has fused his project "World Dialog Software" with echo.
  • Soeren Sören Rogoll Business Development, Marketing, Communication Sören has a degree in Business Administration with a focus on marketing and financial management. After 4 years agency experience as an online concept developer and project manager, he crossed the step of independence. At his site he provides business model development and communication advice on CSR and social business.
  • Tiago Tiago Cardoso Software Development In 2008, Tiago completed the computer engineering course at the Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon with a master in programming and information systems. He collected practical experience in several projects in Portugal and Switzerland, and thereby enhanced his knowledge in key technologies. Tiago moved to Berlin early in 2010, to utilize and improve his technical and language skills in echo. He believes in the power of laughter and in the healing properties of getting up early.
  • Elena Elena Pinto Cooperation and Fundraising – EU, UN, Foundations Elena studied law at the Universidad Autonóma de Madrid and she graduated with a master in international law. She gained practical experience in European and international research projects and completed a complex internship at the European Parliament in the area of external relations. After work experiences in Brussels and Barcelona, Elena moved to Berlin in early 2010 and became involved in an environmental organization. She is accustomed to working in intercultural, interdisciplinary teams and rejoices in finding this in echo.
  • Gabriel Gabriel Escalona Social Media, Event Promotion Through courses, workshops and lots of practical experience, Gabriel has become a Social Media and Online-Marketing expert. While living in Spain, he worked with many companies in this field and has helped start-ups to create their online presence and employee social structures. He holds an Audio Engineer Diploma from the SAE Institute of Barcelona in Spain and studied Business at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas, Venezuela. As a passionate musician and event promoter, he believes that music and new communication technologies have the power to really change the world.
  • The_it_crowd_moss Are You... ? ... the Moss of HTML, CSS, jQuery and User eXperience design ? :-) If yes, we are happy to receive your application at Trendy hairstyle is a plus... ;-)
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External Staff & Supporters

  • Axel Dr. Axel Berg Policy Advice Axel Berg worked eight years for the SPD in the German Bundestag. As an expert in renewable energies, he was instrumental in the nuclear consensus of the red-green government and he has been tirelessly committed to this day for environmentally and socially sustainable national and international politics and economics.
  • 4a_laurencon__a Dr. Angelica Laurencon Social Media & Networking Angelica has been a lecturer at the ESC Management School Clermont, department of Political Science, since 1993. She is a reviewer at French courts and a consultant for intercultural management with a focus on knowledge management. Since 2008 she has lived in Berlin and follows the exciting spot trends in ICT and Web 2.0 development. She supports small and medium-sized companies and young entrepreneurs with cultural and linguistic skills, social media marketing, SEO and networking.
  • Sebastian Sebastian Klammer Graphics and Design Sebastian is a freelance graphic designer from Berlin. He has worked for more than 10 years especially in web and screen design. Since 2004, he has offered his services at on an independent basis. Since then, he has used his great sense of aesthetics and ergonomics to provide many companies and websites with a beautiful and original appearance. Sebastian, as many other people, volunteers in echo (as in an important and common cause for all of us) with plenty of enthusiasm and creativity.
  • Raban Dr. Raban Daniel Fuhrmann Coaching, Strategy, Process and Methods Raban is department leader for Organizational Development & Entrepreneurship of the Center for Technology and Society at the Technical University of Berlin. He is coordinator of Procedere ( and academy director of the Leader Integrity Foundation. He accompanies echo as a coach with his knowledge and experience in procedural practice in politics, economy and society. He has also worked for several years on a digital database for various online/offline participation procedures, and thus provides an important impetus for echo’s future action area.
  • Harhoff Prof. Dr. Dietmar Harhoff Mentor Prof. Harhoff came to become echo’s mentor through the EXIST program. He is director of the INNO-tec Institute for Innovation Research, Technology Management and Entrepreneurship at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich and has a research professorship in the context of LMUexcellent. Additionally, he is a chairman and academic director of the LMU Entrepreneurship Center. The EC encourages entrepreneurship and supports start-up teams with work space, contacts, training courses and funding search.
  • Trinity Your name? Your skills Your application at You don't have to like Neo, but liking the red pill would clearly be of advantage... ;-)
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  • Sophie_lombard Sophie Lombard Social Media Networking & Blog writing in English and French Sophie Lombard is living in France and Berlin. She has an MBA in English and French Linguistics, worked a couple of years as lecturer and is now online-journalist.
  • Chuck_norris-744445 Can You also... ? ...translate between 27 languages simultaneously while dancing upside-down on the rope and eating sour lemon ice? :-) If yes, we would be pleased to be contacted by you at And don't worry if you are a bit weaker than Chuck Norris. echo prefers intellectual strength over muscles... ;-)


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