The Actors

“echocracy” stands for the new form of participatory democracy of echo. It empowers you and people from all over the world to jointly discuss issues of common interest and to develop and implement the best possible solutions to these issues.

echo facilitates this process through a deliberative intercultural discourse, where competences from the most important segments of society are all incorporated into a collective decision making process. These segments of society are:

  1. Citizens and impacted people (with competence with regard to needs)
  2. Experts and scientists (with professional competence)
  3. Politicians and other representatives (with decision making competence)
  4. Non-governmental and governmental organizations (with action competence & mobilization potential)

On echo, actors from these competence groups all engage in an equal dialogue. This not only ensures total transparency throughout the whole decision making process, it also enables people to shape our common world by novel means.

On echo, the global agora, all participants are equal, free world citizens!

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