The Project

Why do we need echo?

Today humanity is facing some serious environmental, economic and humanitarian challenges never seen before. However, satisfactory solutions are not in sight. The lack of transparency in political decision making provokes a growing sense of powerlessness and political resignation among the population and weakens people's faith in democracy. Calls for transparency and more participation are growing louder.

The current crises can thus be understood as a general crisis of democracy.
New ways have to be found, empowering people to develop constructive solutions to effectively tackle our “glocal” challenges.

What is echo?

echo is the instrument for a new kind of participatory democracy facing these challenges. Unlike usual Web 2.0 applications, echo provides a clearly structured opinion base and allows for a solution-oriented social collaboration. It unites technical innovation and human scientific knowledge into a unique concept. This helps people to better understand backgrounds and interrelations of topics, jointly make sound decisions and turn them into reality. Accordingly, echo comes with three main functional areas: Discuss – Connect – Act!

Through the combination of these three functional areas, echo establishes a virtual space for a fully democratic collaboration, which is able to lead to visible results in everyday life of the people with minimal effort.
Additionally, by spreading its functionality beyond the limits of individual websites, echo lets all forces be bundled for a sustainable change throughout the whole internet.

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